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Most of the major internet sites cannot be used with mobile phones! This was a conclusion of resent research done by english company Bango. Alarming result, especially because by IDC there will be by the end of this year 1,3 billion people using internet services via their mobile phones. Or, at least willing and trying to use but can they...

In this perspective it is praiseworthy how some companies, which has been traditionally considered stiff and slow moving ones, like BBC and YLE (Finnish National Broadcasting Company) have one of the best mobile services. Regardless of the ways how services are measured - by number of the visitors, by usability, by amount of content or by how willing the company is to try and explore - YLE has been sometime now been the most active on developing mobile internet services. They have been also advertising their mobile sites, both yle.mobi and ylex.mobi, quite actively on the web, tv and radio. BBC has been surveying how its services has been used and what users think of the services etc. and as a result of those surveys, BBC has increased marketing of its mobile internet services.

Today there was news story in Finnish digitoday.fi service where was some speculation of possible coming new launches next week by Nokia. The most interesting part of the story was comments of Gartner's mobile area analyst Carolina Milanes. She said that Nokia's own (mobile internet) services meaning and value is quite high and provides better position for Nokia in the future because for the consumers mobile internet services are now more important than number of the megapixels of the camera in the mobile phone.

Its quite easy to agree with Milanes. But when big (and smaller) site owners do understand that consumer is out there, literally, and using her/his mobile phone and not only for talking.

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